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What We Do


“Our experienced coaches leverage a cutting-edge technology platform and proprietary framework

to deliver a focused coaching experience that achieves powerful results.”


To empower executives with the tools, skills and knowledge to successfully transition to the next phase of their careers

Our 6-month program focuses on building the skills necessary to successfully transition the executive to the right opportunity. 


Our expert coaches focus on:


  • Developing critical transition skills

  • Assessing the executive’s values, strengths, passions and constraints

  • Building a personalized opportunity filter™ that enables the executive to judge how well a potential opportunity matches his/her values, leverages his/her strengths, unleashes his/her passions and fits his/her constraints



To provide a consistent, best-in-class mentoring program for companies serious about obtaining tangible results from their program spend

Our train-the-trainer mentoring program is geared toward companies who want to get more out of their mentoring efforts. 


Our expert coaches will teach companies how to:


  • Communicate the purpose of mentoring and the role of the mentor and mentee

  • Match mentors and mentees

  • Use the web-enabled mentoring platform to obtain clear results


To leverage an executive’s strengths, values and passions to accelerate development

Our 9 to 12-month program is geared toward high-end executive development. 

Our expert coaches focus on:


  • Uncovering the underlying causes of developmental issues

  • Assessing the executive’s values, strengths and passions, and identifying obstacles to success

  • Building a detailed plan that highlights how the executive can use strengths, values and passions to enhance development

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