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Our Story

Written by Fred Knowles, Founder eTc

In 2015, after a 27-year HR career in Corporate America, I was burnt out and ready to do something else. Having no idea what I wanted to do, I went in search of someone to help me figure out my next move.  Much to my chagrin, I couldn’t find anyone to help. That’s not to say there weren’t career coaches in the market, it was just that I couldn’t find one who truly understood the needs of a transitioning corporate executive.  


So, I contacted past colleagues who had recently transitioned from corporate life to learn from their experience.  It was amazing how similar their journeys were - they all went through the same steps to figure out their next chapters. It was this insight that led me to believe I could build a program for transitioning executives.  And Executive Transition Coaching (eTc) was born. In late 2015, we built a portal to house our proprietary content and allow us to coach virtually.


In the early days, we focused exclusively on transitioning corporate executives who were leaving corporate life. We quickly realized that our program could be equally effective for executives looking for other corporate opportunities, so we expanded our focus in 2016.  


In 2018, we saw unmet needs in the market in the executive development and mentoring space, so we modified our proprietary content to build executive development and mentoring programs. In 2019 we built an app to further our focus on meeting clients where they are.

In 2023, we upgraded our coaching and mentoring products with cutting edge technology, moved everything to the cloud and built a SaaS platform to make the user experience even better.  We also built an executive team building program to help senior leaders build high performing teams. 


So, while we are called Executive Transition Coaching, we are much more than that.  At a fundamental level, our business is all about finding unmet needs in the market and leveraging our proprietary content, technology and coaches to deliver exceptional services to our clients. 

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