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Just voted the most influential and powerful person in Real Estate

Ryan Schneider

CEO Anywhere Real Estate Inc.

It is incredibly easy for successful executives to continue their careers ‘as is’.  It is incredibly hard in the midst of success to step back, to take a fresh perspective on what your passions are, and to chart a different course.  eTc and Fred take that daunting challenge and make it exciting and motivating.  The series of well-structured exercises combined with Fred’s experienced direction creates an environment where a motivated executive can quickly step back and assess what he/she is really excited to do, and to create a plan to bring it to life.


In my case after eight years in the same role with a great company I knew I needed a change, but did not know how to step away from the day-to-day success and satisfaction of the current role.  Fred and eTc gave me a process to better understand what drives and excites me, and taught me practical skills I could start using to grow and develop. I used my eTc results to explore 5 CEO opportunities in new industries and was offered three jobs, one of which I accepted.


I would highly recommend eTc for any motivated leader looking to explore what’s next.

Former CHRO at Uber

Renee Mauldin

Chief People Officer Project44

eTc has been an invaluable resource for me since 2018. Their unique blend of experienced and talented coaches combined with a cutting edge coaching and mentoring platform has made them a critical partner in the development of senior level talent.  


In addition to leveraging eTc for company-wide executive development, Fred has been my mentor and coach.  His experience as a Senior HR leader (at ExxonMobil, Capital One and Under Armour) coupled with a pragmatic approach are incredibly effective.  I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone better.  

Just voted one of the top 5 CEOs in the world by the Economist

David Velez

CEO Nubank

Since 2019, Fred and his eTc coaches have been instrumental in developing Nubank's senior leaders.  From new leader assimilation to 360 feedback to executive coaching and mentoring using eTc's proprietary portal, eTc has helped us further develop our Management Team members into some of the best in the FinTech industry.   


I would highly recommend eTc for any CEO looking to turbo-charge the development of their senior executives.


Alethia Baggett

Chief Human Resources Officer,

American Bankers Association

From our very first introduction two years ago, I knew I would find a way to leverage Fred for the development of staff at ABA.  It only took one conversation to realize his passion for learning and development.  But what really peaked my interest was his innovative approach.  It was during that conversation that I learned about eTc's mentoring platform.  I was immediately intrigued.  Mentoring is something I’ve tried to tackle in every organization I’ve worked with since the early days of my career, and I’ve never seen it done well.  Within weeks we had our first pilot program.  I can’t say enough positive things about eTc's platform and Fred’s engagement throughout the entire process.  The program is structured and provides a clear roadmap for both mentee and mentor.  It’s the first time in my career that I have been able to truly sustain a mentoring program and the impact on our mentees and mentors has been transformative.  I have now achieved the trifecta with Fred and eTc by leveraging them for mentoring, career transitioning, and executive coaching.  I feel privileged for the opportunity to build this partnership and can attest to the impact eTc has had on our executives and overall organization.  

Ann Rodriguez

SVP, League Operations & Strategic Projects,  WNBA

eTc really helped focus on my strengths, passions and values and to develop a filter through which I could quickly evaluate a variety of opportunities.  I especially liked the structure of the program – the process and the system were very easy to use and highly efficient.  The combination of completing activities on the online portal and in-person (or on the phone) dialogue worked well with my busy schedule.

An award winning world class journalist

Jeff Goldberg

Editor in Chief, The Atlantic

Fred Knowles has been hugely valuable to me in so many ways it's hard to count. He's helped me understand my strengths and my weaknesses (he somehow made that second category less painful than it sounds); he helped me understand everything from time management to strategic (and career) planning; and he proved to be an indispensable sounding board for all manner of management challenges. No problem set is new to Fred; he's seen most everything, and brings his experience and wisdom to every challenge, large and small. Ultimately, I have to let others judge whether I'm successful in my role, but to the extent that I am, Fred deserves a large portion of the credit.

Profile - ready.jpg

Working with eTc and Fred Knowles was one of the most valuable executive coaching engagements throughout my career.   eTc’s coaching process is geared towards using data to inform areas to focus on as well as measure progress. The framework eTc used was both structured as well as personalized. I also found Fred to be very insightful given his extensive HR background and work with different executives across various industries. I would highly recommend Fred and eTc to senior executives eager to continue to invest in personal and professional growth.

Dalia Powers

SVP and Chief Information Officer, Humana


Neal Dittersdorf

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, iCiMS, Inc.

eTc is a unique transition coaching program designed specifically for executives looking to get more out of their ‘career’.  If you put in the work and follow the regime, you will benefit from a remarkably predictive tool that is valuable for not just one career transition but your long-term career direction.  You will have access to a well-designed interface, a terrific coach, and logical progression to much greater clarity about your path.

CTO for fastest growing bank in Brazil

In my experience, coaching can very easily fall back to platitudes or strict "one-size fits all" programs.  My experience with eTc was the complete opposite. eTc provided a balanced combination of facilitating an internal journey of self-discovery with a very practical set of tools to become a more effective and influential executive. During the program I was capable of clearly identifying, internalizing, and leveraging my strengths to accomplish my objectives. Additionally, I became familiar with a series of tools, concepts, and frameworks that gave me much more confidence to perform my role, giving me a newfound sense of control while managing a large organization. 

Vitor Olivier

Management Committee Member and Chief Technology Officer, Nubank


I was introduced to Fred and eTc at a pivotal moment in my career journey. The program provided needed clarity about career direction that is often hard to find. First, eTc gave structure to the process of defining what really matters to me in my professional life, in a way that was both effective and simple. It was powerful to put on “paper” what was important to me across my values, strengths and passions. Second, eTc built upon those definitions and provided a framework to objectively assess opportunities based on these qualities. The program felt both structured and personalized, and was truly completed at my needed pace. I had a baby in the middle of the program and Fred completely tailored eTc around that. After leveraging eTc to make a key career decision a year ago, I still find myself reflecting back on the program.

Lindsay Petrovic

VP and Head of Product Management at NCR VOYIX

Founded a top 5 crypto investment fund

Fred Knowles has been a fantastic coach. I was going through a huge transition and experiencing the first big success in my career when I started working with Fred. He helped me identify and focus on what really mattered to me in my career, rather than allowing the situation to sweep me away. When things were not going well, Fred served as a balancing force on my mindset.

Working with Fred felt structured without being formulaic. He took the time to deeply understand me and my team. Fred helped me grow to be a better manager and a better individual contributor to my team. I have referred several colleagues to work with Fred.


Tushar Jain

Managing Partner

Multicoin Capital


eTc was massively impactful in shaping my transition.  After a long structured career as a Tech Executive, I knew I wanted to make a change to pursue my passions, but the options felt complex and overwhelming.  Working with eTc was very human, guiding me through my values and passions, yet also analytical and geared to an executive mindset.

eTc's insights into how executives think and the valuable questions, along with the methodology, made this a unique and effective approach.  I ended the transition with not only a plan, but a framework by which to evaluate future decisions.

Julie Elberfeld

CEO Women Who Code

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