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Tedd Taskey

Executive Coach

Tedd Taskey LMFT, ACS, is a licensed psychotherapist and a corporate communications expert.  His corporate clients include a wide range of Fortune 500 giants such as Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, GE, St Jude Medical as well as smaller start-ups. Whether teaching graduate students how to be a psychotherapist, bringing solution to couple's marital conflict or teaching senior executives how to perform as their better selves, Tedd always focuses on his client's self-awareness, communications and gaining the courage to follow one's inner authenticity.

After graduating from Boston College with degrees in English and Psychology, Tedd served as a volunteer teacher in Central America with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.  Upon returning to the U.S., Tedd served as an intelligence specialist in the Navy, worked as a writer and producer in Hollywood, and gained valuable corporate experience working as a Senior Marketing Executive for LabCorp and Senior VP recruiter for Sloan partners.   


When not working, Tedd enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.  They especially like old-fashion road trips to our nation's national parks for camping, hiking, and white-water adventures.  He loves to play golf, but admits that golf does not love him back.

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