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Fred Knowles

Founder and Executive Coach

Fred Knowles started his coaching business (eTc) in 2015 after a 27-year human resources career at ExxonMobil, Capital One and Under Armour, where he headed up the the HR function during UA's rapid growth days. 


Fred has coached hundreds of C-Suite leaders in his career. He focuses on leveraging the executive's "success factors" (strengths, values and passions) to turbo-charge development. In addition to executive coaching, Fred has developed a SaaS coaching and mentoring platform that he licenses to companies looking to get the most out of their development dollars.


Fred authored the highly acclaimed book "New Fred", the funniest self-help book ever written. He also co-wrote and produced a sitcom pilot. 


Fred graduated from Rutgers University with degrees in Mathematics and Business Administration.

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